Which Is The Best Dual Flush Toilet? Reviewed/Tested Results

Which Is The Best Dual Flush Toilet
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Which Is The Best Dual Flush Toilet bannerIf you are like me and are happier when you have a clean bathroom, you know the importance of having an even more sanitary toilet, especially one that cleans itself with a single flush. To keep my home clean, I started researching online and landed on something called a dual flush toilet.

To refresh your mind, a dual-flush toilet is a flush toilet built with a handle mechanism or features two buttons to flush different amounts of water. That means you press one button to release fewer amounts of water to clean the toilet after peeing.

You use the other button to release more water at high pressure to flush away after going number two. As you can see, this is a beautiful toilet to have in your home.

Furthermore, the dual-flush toilet is popular with many residential and commercial properties that have installed these toilets thanks to their water-saving ability. Armed with this knowledge, I set aside time to learn more about this glorified type of toilet.

By visiting various stores, blogs, and forums, I came up with a list of six different types of dual-toilets with rare reviews. To make things much easier for you, I have made a list depicting the best to the most affordable unit.

Please use the research below to your advantage, especially if you’re in the market for a dual-flush toilet…


What Is The Best Dual-Flush Toilet?

The KOHLER K-3989-47 is a high-end toilet from Wellworth Highline. The toilet is designed with a classic five flush system and an elongated toilet bowl. The two-piece dual flash is fitted with a left-hand trip lever.

The Highline dual-flush toilet has a powerful flushing mechanism that boosts water savings. The unit features an innovative two-tone flush lever that emits either 1.1 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush, depending on the flush mechanism button pressed.

The toilet’s function reduces water use by 30-percent, adding to 4,000 gallons of annual water savings. The toilet’s elongated bowl offers added room and comfort. The toilet has a modern exterior with a beautiful white finish made from vitreous china.

It comes with comfort height features such as a chair-height seat that allows standing and sitting an easy fete. These are things that make this toilet a sensible option for home use.

What I Loved Most

Consumption: this unit comes with a smart flushing system, which makes it possible to use fewer amounts of water. The two kinds of flush are enough to push off both liquid and solid waste.

Elongated bowl: the elongated bowl makes it possible for users to stretch or position their legs naturally while seated. For added comfort, this type of bowl has been designed with extra legroom around the sides.

Design: KOHLER K-3989-47 has a two-piece design. The separate pieces consist of the tank and bowl that join together. The toilet features a white finish, thus increasing its aesthetics.

Height comfort: a taller seating height on this toilet makes using it feel like you’re using an ordinary chair. The toilet has been designed to work well for people with mobility issues, as well as joint problems. Dimensions: It’s a portable unit that measures 29.8” by 18” by 31.2”.

Brand: The reputable brand is a selling point here; most people with a similar unit or another product from the same company give Kohler rave reviews.

What Needs Improvement

Warranty: unfortunately, for this unit, Kohler offers a one-year warranty, which I felt is a little too short.

Price: Given the stiff competition from other manufacturers, Kohler’s products are a bit pricey, even though you can’t fault their quality. If you’re not a haggler, then this is the best dual-flush toilet for you!

My take: I loved the K-3989-47 dual flush toilet because of its two flushing powers. As a user, you can choose between a lower flush for liquid waste and a power flush for solids. You save a lot of water, and it’s a quality toilet build.


The Second Best Dual Flush Toilet

Another dual-flush toilet that is making waves today is the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet. Most users loved it because it’s a unit that works well for a half bathroom residential setting.

The unit has vertical pumping capacity that us 9-feet and 100 feet horizontally. Since it has been designed to connect to a sink, this toilet unit uses minimal amounts of water.

The economic unit uses one-gallon per flush powerful enough to get rid of both liquid and solid waste. The Saniflo unit toilet seat features chrome hinges, while the seat height is 18.5 inches.

The unit is made from stainless steel, vitreous China polypropylene, and neoprene construction materials. They do not only make it a durable unit but adds to its aesthetics.

The toilet doesn’t come with a tank; instead uses a self-contained macerating unit. It gets rid of waste with a single flush without clogging up.

Since it’s a portal dual-flush toilet unit, you can install it in different locations such as the ground floor, the upper floor, loft/attic, garage, or basement.

What To Like

  • It’s designed as a half bathroom for residential applications
  • It features a stylish chrome hinges toilet seat
  • It uses a single gallon of water per flush

What Needs Improving

  • It needs a lot of patience when installing the toilet seat
  • If you live in an area where there’s hard water, you will have to clean up the buildup often

The unit’s tankless design makes it stand out, and it takes up little space in your bathroom. The inbuilt macerator makes it a unique toilet. The Sanicompact toilet comes with a horde of features that offers users an experience of a kind!


The Best Budget Dual Flush Toilet

Now that I have given you my take on the top two dual-flush toilets let’s also discuss what I believe to be the best budget dual flush toilet. It happens to be the Toto Aquia (CST412MF#03). Toto is a name reputed for producing quality products, more so it’s mid-range compact toilets.

If you have a small bathroom, you are in luck as this Toto Aquia Close Coupled toilet is a great fit. You have the chance to choose between five different finishes to match up your bathroom decor!

The unit is designed with a dual flush system with two different water volumes for different needs. The half flush uses 0.9 gallons, while the full flush emits 1.6 gallons per flush.

The system utilizes the dual max flushing feature, which balances the trapway design and bowl for a full flushing power. The toilet has been designed to use a push-button to activate the flush; it also features an elongated bowl for seating comfort.

What You Will Like

  • The dual flush concept aids in water savings
  • Compact design that makes it possible to fit the toilet in tiny bathroom spaces
  • Elongated bowl design that improves the seating comfort
  • Vitreous china coating keeps the unit clean

What Needs Improvement

  • The toilet can prove to be a challenge for children thanks to the universal height seat
  • The toilet hasn’t evolved from using a 12-inch rough-in

For the small spaces in your home that have no use, you can install the Toto Aquia dual-flush toilet. Its elongated bowl, combined with the unit’s slim design has been built to last.


The Luxurious Dual Flush Toilet

Since Toto products are getting rave reviews for their middle budget toilets, I saw it fit to add another luxurious product from this company. The Toto MS992 Neorest turns your bathroom into a luxurious room that you will want to spend more time in doing your business.

The tankless toilet has been designed to allow the lid to lift on its own whenever you get close. Other outstanding features on this unit include; preheated seat, in-built bidet and automatic flushing.

You can set how hot/warm you want the water to be, the bidet want sanitizes itself before and after use. You only need to push the dryer button to let out warm air to dry you off.

What You Will Like

  • The toilet grants you a spa experience
  • The bidet eliminates the need for using toilet paper
  • A pre-warm seat is perfect for cold winter use
  • Automatic lid opens and closes

What Needs Improvement

  • Requires a dedicated high-pressure water line
  • It requires a dedicated GFCI outlet, which can be expensive. If you are looking for a luxurious toilet install, look no further that the Toto Neorest unit.

The luxurious unit will pamper you to the maximum, and you may find yourself spending more time in the bathroom!


Another Budget Dual Flush Toilet

We are not done yet with Toto products. These toilet units seem to be what most users want in their homes.

The Toto Aquia CT418F#0 is also known as a wall hanging toilet that is perfect for bathrooms with minimal spaces. The dual max flushing system produces 1.6 gallons for the more massive flush and 0.9 gallons for the lighter yet power flush.

The toilet has been designed to offer users ample legroom, thanks to its elongated bowl. The unit also features a universal height, thus making it ideal for seating. It’s well priced and considered a budget toilet. You will love it if you are looking to modernize your bathroom. What

You Will Love

  • Powerful flushing mechanism
  • Saves water
  • Easy to clean

What Needs Improvement

  • You need thick walls for installation
  • Needs two flushes to empty the bowl when things get thick


The Cheapest Dual Flush Toilet

Finally, I share with you what I believe to be the cheapest dual-flush toilet. I have carefully gone through the reviews on various platforms, and I think that this is the best and most affordable toilet.

The American Standard H2Option Siphonic is a low priced American Standard model that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Its design and build make it an ideal unit for all kinds of small bathroom spaces.

The unit also comes with several features, such as jet-powered siphon. A mechanism that diverts the water into the bowl through the jet. The EverClean surface is another additional feature that helps fight off germs.

What You Will Like

  • The toilet features a chrome-plated top mounted push button actuator
  • It also comes with a 12” rough-in

What Needs Improvement

  • You will need to ship in the seat separately

The cheap toilet on this list has a quality build. It’s sturdy and can be fitted on any corner in your bathroom.

Before I end this write up, there are some essential things I believe you ought to know as you decide on the best dual-flush toilet…



What Is A Dual Flush Toilet?

A dual-flush toilet is built as a flush toilet variation incorporated with a hand mechanism or two buttons to flush different amounts of water. The system was developed and released into the market by in 1960 by TOTO, a Japanese sanitary product manufacturer.

The dual-flush toilet has been adopted universally, with countries such as Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore mandating all modern buildings to install this type of toilet. The thing is, the more intricate the dual-flush mechanism, the higher the price it fetches.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Dual Flush?

The cost savings realized are immense. The toilet brings down the water usage by 4,000 gallons annually in a residential household.

Dual flush toilets are high efficiency that uses a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush as opposed to the older models that use between 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush. The lower the water usage, the better the environmental impact.


Dual Flush Guide: How To Choose The Best One

When it comes down to selecting the best dual flush mechanism, you should know which is the best unit that meets your needs. Below is a small but significant guide you should use;

Warranty Coverage: when in the market to buy a dual flush toilet, always consider one that has the best warranty cover. One to two years cover is a good start.

You will be guaranteed of its quality build and zero maintenance costs should you need maintenance while the cover is in play.

Water Usage: depending on the frequency of use, you should get a toilet unit that uses the least amount of water per flush. However, if you have enough traffic using the unit, you’re better off going for a 1.6gallon toilet that will leave behind a clean bowl in a single flush.

Flushing Mechanism: the unit employs a large trapway and a wash-down flushing design to push down wastewater into the drain.

Since it eliminates the need for siphoning, the system requires minimal water per flush as the large diameter trapway allows the water to flow out of the bowl with ease.

Size and Space Consideration: Given the size of your bathroom, always go for a toilet unit that will fit without any struggle. Make sure that you take the right measurements of your bathroom before placing an order.


Why Switch To A Dual-Flush Toilet?

The water savings alone should make you make the switch, however, if you have unutilized space in your home and would like to install a toilet, whether half bath or full bath, you should consider this type of unit.

They are compact, practical and affordable toilets that don’t only add to the aesthetics of your home but come with a host of benefits.


Finally, should you be in the market for a dual-flush toilet, you should consider one of the above mentioned. I have already settled on the KOHLER K-3989-47 and have placed an order for the same. After six to 12 months of use, I will be back with a full report!

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