The Best Toilet Seat: Reviewed/Tested Results

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We have all had the pleasure of using the toilet, especially when one is hard-pressed. Nothing feels more comfortable than sitting on the toilet seat, doing your business as a relaxation feeling sets in.

During such moments, you discover that you’re on the best toilet seat and could dethrone Her Majesty The Queen! But how many times have you ever thought about the seat you’re occupying? What’s more; what is the seat made of, and why is it in place in the first place?

Well, brace yourself, we are going to go on a discovery journey that will unravel this mystery. First off, what is a toilet seat? According to research papers and other online sources, a toilet seat is an attached unit that comprises either an oval or round open seat.

The unit is mostly made as a lid hinged on the toilet bow allowing users to sit and conduct their business comfortably. The toilet seat is made for both a dry toilet and a flush toilet. The toilet seat is composed of two parts; first, the seat itself, and a lid that covers the loo when not in use.

Now that we know what a toilet seat is and its purpose, the next thing on your mind should be its comfort. Well, be assured that this also crossed our minds too, and this is what we have to report back…

The Best Toilet Seat

In our research around the internet focusing on forums, and other platforms, we found the Bath Royale BR620-00 achieved the highest rating. The toilet seat has a premium round shape; it comes with a cover; it’s easy to clean and can be replaced with ease.

The toilet seat is more sanitary, better, and is made from high-quality polypropylene material. The material is stain-resistant and non-absorbent. The seat has a solid color, is made to hold-on and not fade thanks to the high-gloss finish that remains the same when adequately taken care of.

The Bath Royale BR620-00 seats are stronger than those of other brands but are comfortable to use. They have a softer and warm touch than the competition and holds upwards of 400 pounds evenly distributed. The toilet seat is designed as a soft close.


The Alternative Best Toilet Seat

Another product that caught our attention is the Kohler K-4775-0 Brevia. The toilet seat received rave reviews for its quick-release hinges that make cleaning the toilet unit an easy task.

The seat is made from durable polypropylene plastic. The material is sturdy enough to repel chipping, staining, and fading. People love the fact that they can order a seat with color matching hinges; moreover, the seat is contoured, thus making it comfortable.

The Kohler toilet seat is well-engineered such that it properly fits both single and two-piece toilets.

The units feature innovative technology that makes installation and cleaning an easy take. Most users love the fact that the seat comes with metal screws, and once bolted, it remains in position.


The Best Budget Toilet Seat

We all check on the costs of something before deciding whether we want it or not. Since a toilet seat is essential, getting a good one at a reasonable price is something to smile about.

We located one that fits the bill, and going with the positive sentiments we found online, we present you the Mayfair 848SLOWB-000 toilet. Fetching a reasonable price, most users love its features, such as the soft-close mechanism.

The mechanism is fitted with a tap that ensures that you don’t come out with pinched fingers. The seat once bolted it holds steady and doesn’t wiggle. It’s easy to install with simple tools such as a wrench.


The Best Affordable Toilet Seat

Affordability is a key ingredient in buying things.

If you’re tired of your toilet seat and willing to replace it, but on a tight budget, you’re in luck. The American Standard 5311.012.020 is an elongated toilet seat that will make your seating comfortable.

The Laurel seat is formed from molded wood, has a high-gloss finish, and provides users with natural warmth. The multi-coat finish looks perfect and provides users with long-lasting durability. Installation is done within five minutes, and the seat remains in place without wiggling.


The Cheapest Toilet Seat

After canvassing the world wide web, we discovered the Mayfair Natural Oak Veneer toilet seat to be a cheap but proper toilet seat alternative. Its equipped with chrome hinges and has a wooden finish.

The seat is made as a standard size that fits all round toilets. The toilet is made as a decent and inexpensive seat that grants you comfort when using it.

The hinges are sturdy and hold the seat in position. The toilet finishing is neat and can be ordered as a shiny finish or a powder-coated matte finish.

Now then we have come to the end of this article. We hope that you are more educated about toilet seats than you were before.

Before you order one, make sure that you put into consideration what you need, how much you can afford, bathroom style, and toilet unit you own.



Factors To Consider

Whether you like having a toilet in your home or not, your decision is based on how you feel when sitting on one. In as much as most toilet units are made in comfortable heights and designs, the seat preferences don’t necessarily meet these standards.

Most factory seats are crappy plastic pieces that are not all comfortable. So if you feel like you love your loo unit but are not too thrilled about the seating position, perhaps it’s time you considered an upgrade. But where do you start? How about considering the following aspects;

Comfort: The hinges of a comfortable toilet seat are a combination of stainless steel and plastic. The toilet seat cover is fashioned from the same materials providing further comfort and appeal. The seating ring should be pleasant, in some instances, noise-absorbing.

Material: for most toilet seats, the materials used are durable, dirt-resistant, smooth, and easy to clean.

Color: The most common toilet unit in America and the rest of the world is white. It commands a good resale value, hence its popularity. Colored toilets are not to be wished away; they too have a significant impact on the bathroom’s design when used right.

When it comes to considering colored toilet seats, be careful, you should go for colors that either blot or blend with the toilet unit.

Wood or Plastic Toilet Seat?

Another age-old question, when searching for a comfortable seat, which between the two (wood and plastic) is the most comfortable and which of the two will give you the most extended service.

A thing you ought to consider when deliberating between wooden and plastic toilet seats is warmth. When treated correctly, wooden toilet seats give you a better service. In as much as it’s not heated, it doesn’t get as cold as a plastic toilet seat.

Considering the cold climate plastic seats can become extremely cold and could lead to discomfort. If you don’t want your butt to become numb, especially when you have to use the loo at night, forget a plastic toilet seat.

Features Within A Toilet Seat

Now that we have seen the differences between a wooden and plastic toilet seat, we should dive into other essential components you ought to look at before investing in a toilet seat.

Soft-close: this is a seat that closes on its own the instant you push it down. The mechanism is gravity controlled, thanks to the tension hinges in place. As opposed to slamming down, the hinges slowly lower the seat until it seats on the toilet bowl without a thud.

Quick Removal: if you are searching for a seat, you can quickly clean, try the quick-release toilet seat. It’s easy to remove, made from a quality, smooth materials that clean with ease.

Easy Installation: Look for a toilet seat that matches the hinges of your current seat. There should be bolts holding it in place that you can pop and put in the new seat. Grease the old bolts that might be stuck remove them, and screw in the new seat.

Cleansing Toilet Seat: thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have not only heated toilet seats but self-cleansing seats. You can search for the best cleansing toilet seat that will match your preferences.

Deodorizer: this is a seat that comes fitted with air purifiers as well as air freshener solutions that aid in fighting foul odors.

Lighted Toilet Seat: known as a guiding light, some toilet seats have a light installed in their hinges and is visible with the lid down. The light produces a gentle glow allowing users to locate the toilet unit once they’re in the bathroom.

How To Measure A Toilet Seat

Before you scamper off to order a toilet seat, you need to know the exact measurements of your current one. But how do you go about knowing these measurements? You should start by measuring the width of the bowl at its widest point.

Using measuring tape, start on the exterior of the brim to note down accurate dimensions. Next, measure the bowl’s length, beginning between the seat bolts going towards the exterior edge of the front bowl.

But, I wrote a great in-depth article on this very subject, so check it out here.

Benefits Of A Good Toilet Seat

A toilet seat is useful for persons of all ages. It’s particularly perfect for persons that have reduced movement or with a slight disability. Let’s observe some of the benefits that you can achieve after installing the best toilet seat available.

Comfort: a padded toilet is one that provides a soft, cushy seating area. The seating area is comfortable and inviting regardless of the time and weather period you use the seat.

Warmth: a hard toilet seat gets cold in the mornings and nights, and extremely cold during the winter months. A padded toilet seat provides warmth, thus keeping the chills and shivers away.

Common Problems With A Bad Toilet Seat

Toilet seats can be unhygienic, mostly when left unclean. Users can acquire illnesses thanks to the accumulated bacteria. Some toilet seats can cause one to suffer from unintended pains on the bum and in the back due to poor posture.

A cold toilet can make some people suffer from constant colds, especially during the winter months. Now that we have discussed the need to invest in the best toilet seat, where do you start?

Worry not as below, we have canvassed the interwebs and found these to be highly rated toilet seats worth looking at…


With the right measurements, we believe that one of the products we have mentioned above will appeal to you. Perhaps you could be knowing of a better alternative we failed to mention, kindly let us know about the same…

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