The Best Tankless Toilet: Full Guide & Reviews

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If there’s something that equalizes all humans, it has to be the need for a bathroom break. From the newborn to the old, whether you’re poor or wealthy, we all need to evacuate our bowels.

Whether you’re renting, buying, or building, checking the status of the toilet is among the first things that you do.

To make your bathroom space unique, stylish, and roomy, perhaps it’s time you thought of installing a tankless toilet. The toilets are always clean, and their aesthetics appeal to anyone who enters to use the loo.

Tankless toilets are becoming a popular addition to homes nowadays; if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, perhaps it’s time you included a tankless toilet to add to your bathroom’s appeal.

Since we are talking about toilets and especially tankless ones, you might wonder what all the fuss about a tankless toilet is? Well, wonder no more…

The Best Tankless Toilet Unit

Having received the highest number of positive reviews and is one of the sleekest, most potent, and functional tankless units, Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained unit is the best and most reasonably priced unit.

The unit is installed with a single-piece construction that comes with sleek lines, thus making it easy to sanitize and keep clean. The unit fits into smaller spaces making it ideal for use for all persons, whole and those with a physical disability.

Saniflo 023 unit has been built to pump wastewater 9 feet vertically, and 100 feet horizontally. The unit connects well to a wash hand basin outlet, thus dealing with the discharge water via the flush system, thus saving more water.

The Saniflo’s in-built flushing system is electric and needs a maceration pump, and an air switch placed at the top of the bowl to activate the flushing. The timed flushing system has been designed to ensure the unit uses a single gallon of water for every flush.

To install it with ease, the tankless toilet comes with a discharge elbow that rotates 360°, which means that this unit doesn’t need venting. The elongated toilet seat is built with chrome hinges, thus making it a long-lasting unit that will serve users well.

The Best Alternative Tankless Unit

Having reviewed the best unit above, why not also talk about the second best-rated loo. Again going through forums and searches, we established the Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet, Cotton White comes a close second.

The Toto Neorest unit is integrated with an advanced WASHLET system. The unit is an amalgamation of ecology and luxury.

The spray modes fitted on this unit are linked to the automatic flushing system. The bowl features a smoother, ion-barrier surface that helps keep it cleaner longer.

The Toto Neorest unit comes with a double cyclone flushing system, elongated front bowl with a soft close seat, convenient remote control, hands-free automatic flush, and heated seat with temp control.


The Best Affordable Tankless Unit

Cost is the number one factor that determines what kind of toilet installation one should undertake. If you are looking for a stylish, yet affordable tankless toilet, you should try the KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil unit.

It’s a wall-hung toilet that not only saves space but is affordable and comes with a plethora of features. It’s compact and has an elongated bowl, which makes the unit comfortable.

The mounting hardware is concealed off completely, making the Veil unit an elegant, sleek, and easy to clean tankless toilet.


The Best Low Budget Unit

Since tankless units are mostly considered high-end additions, we have to mention a low budget, yet highly reputed unit. The Toto MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H with Ewater+ Disinfection System, Cotton White, is an ideal candidate.

It comes fitted with a cyclone siphon jet flushing system. It’s custom-built with three washlet cleansing modes set to soft, front, and rear.

It has an automatic flushing system and is remote controlled. Most users love this unit since it works as described. The instructions are well laid out, and users can be guaranteed for lifelong toilet use.


Another Quality Low Budget Unit

Nothing appeals more to the masses than the bidet. Although extensively used in Japan, most of the rest of the world is yet to come to terms with this beautiful, tankless toilet.

Fortunately, for the adventurous among us, there’s a low budget, high-functioning bidet to give a try. It’s known as Bio Bidet IB 835 Fully Integrated. The unit features an all-in-one design featuring the seat and the flushing system.

It’s built for luxury use in a compact and well-refined design. It’s integrated with two types of washes for male and female users. The cleaning systems promote hygiene among users.

The bidet features a warm seat, and the flushing system is powerful enough to eradicate wastewater with a single flush.

There you have it, an honest review of tankless toilets. Use this information to deliberate and make an educated decision about acquiring or foregoing a tankless toilet unit.

The units mentioned above have received rave reviews from different users in different forums, and they’re worth checking out. If you might have a better unit not featured, let us know about it, and we shall carry out research.



What Is A Tankless Toilet?

A tankless toilet is any toilet built without a water tank. Unlike toilets of old, tankless toilets are built to receive water directly from a supply line. The supply line operates at high pressure allowing a single flush to clear off the waste in the bowl.

Tankless toilets are powered purely by the force of water coming from the supply line. You might wonder, how does a tankless toilet function in areas where water supply is inadequate?

To mitigate such issues, most private homes that install this type of toilet can connect the water supply to water pump systems and use more technology to aid the flushing.

The best tankless toilets range from low-tech units designed for urban apartments to high-tech futuristic models that cater to the burgeois toilet enthusiast.


How Tankless Toilets Work?

Tankless toilets are designed and created to use the exact amount of water a tanked-toilet uses. However, for the former, the water enter’s the toilet at high temperatures. The water in the supply line gushes into the toilet fixture at high speed.

Most commercial and residential structures feature are designed to hold enough water pressure, thus powering the tankless toilet without any sort of mechanical assistance. We know that this kind of toilet is referred to as a flushometer.

Flushometers come with different mechanisms; they are designed to pass between 15 and 20psi water pressure levels. In some quarters, experts believe that tankless toilets produce a cleaner and more powerful flush, better than the other traditional tanked toilet. Tankless toilets refill faster than their counterparts since they’re connected directly to a water supply.


Floor Mounted vs. Wall Mounted Tankless Toilet

Choosing between a floor mount and a wall mount toilet, whichever option you settle for, it will have a significant impact on your property. Wall mount or wall hung toilets are modern, stylish, and functional. These are the fundamental issues that make them ever so popular.

The toilet gets hung on the wall meaning that no part of the toilet will be touching the floor. Since its a tankless toilet that connects to the water supply directly, you will be left with a clean space underneath.

Hanging your toilet on the wall means that the toilet occupies minimal space making this unit ideal for smaller bathrooms. Cleaning becomes an easy task with this kind of loo; you can install tiles underneath the toilet to make your bathroom look more spacious.

The vast majority of homes have floor-mounted toilets. The reason being, most plumbing works are connected either through the wall behind the toilet or the floor.

Due to such arrangements, floor-mounted tankless toilets need minimal work when it comes to installation and maintenance. Tankless floor toilets are sold in numerous designs and styles.

Since they get connected to the floor, they are perfect for numerous bathroom design schemes and blend perfectly with traditional decor.

When it comes to selecting a suitable toilet between a wall-hung and a floor mount, you will have to go with your taste. You should consider going for a model that you not only like, but one that augers well with your bathroom’s overall design scheme.

A wall-hung loo blends well with modern, yet minimalist decor, while a floor-mount toilet goes perfectly well with classic designs. Your budget will also dictate what type of tankless toilet you will install.

Toilet prices vary from one unit to the next, wall-hung fetch more and require more plumbing works. Floor mount toilets are cheaper to maintain, so go with your budget.


Are Wall Mounted Toilets A Good Idea?

Other than helping you keep a wet floor dry, wall hung toilets breathes life into the bathroom. You can hang it in a way it conceals water outlets and other things that may be sticking out.

The wall-hung toilet occupies little space in your bathroom, thus making it possible to hang it near a water source. Because it doesn’t touch the floor, you can come up with creative decorating ideas.


Tankless Toilet Potential Issues

Since a majority of toilets installed at home rely on electricity, when the electricity goes out regardless of how long, it becomes impossible to use the toilet.

If the toilet breaks down due to clogging or any other issues, you will need to call in a tankless toilet expert. These services might be expensive since he has to get inside the floor or walls. Due to their intricate design, tankless toilets fetch a higher amount than regular toilet units.

The additional cost covers the electric pump needed to power the toilet and increase water pressure.


Advantages of Tankless Toilets

Toilets Tankless toilets are smaller than regular toilets but deliver the same flushing power and same water levels. Tankless water toilets give you enough room to work with should you wish to customize the units, they still perform splendidly.

These units are environment-friendly since the supply pipelines are installed either in the wall or the floor, thus eliminating leaks. The tankless flushing system works fast since they take minimal time to fill up.


Disadvantages of Tankless Toilets

It’s nearly impossible to undertake DIY repairs and installations due to the complex nature of these units. To reduce costs, always have a professional look at them. Your water supply lines should never run dry as this is the mainframe of using this unit.


Should You Buy A Tankless Toilet?

Tankless toilet units demand a wide water supply pipeline. When constructing a new property, you have to ensure you install the right pipeline size.

When thinking of replacing the toilet units in your home, make sure you install the right supply line, or risk having the pipes damaged by the high-pressure flush.

Costs play a considerable role when deciding on the type of toilet unit you wish to install. These units are expensive and are produced by a few companies.

However, if your property sits in an area with minimal to non-existent power blackouts, and the water supply is adequate, feel free to update your bathroom style and design by installing tankless toilet units.

Now that we have discussed the good and the bad about tankless toilets, we should also discuss various units in the market today.

On this list, you will discover the best, pricey, and affordable units that are points of discussion in various forums. All these units have been put to the test, feel free to pick the one that resonates with you.

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