Most Reliable Toilet Brands: All You Need To Know



Investing in a reliable toilet is no longer a privilege but a necessity nowadays. Unfortunately, in many homes, they still use unreliable toilets, if you have such a toilet unit in your property but are looking to upgrade, this is an article you need to read through.

Given that I too was not too long ago in the market for a toilet unit that is not only good looking but one that is comfortable and will last for decades.

In my research, I came through several quality models that are tailored for almost all environments. I also unearthed loos that you should NEVER think of buying regardless of how low they’re priced.

It took a long time than that, I thought (in fact it was three weeks longer) for me to find a quality toilet. I came to realize that there are plenty of reasons why most buyers find it challenging to select a quality toilet. I can sum up some of these reasons being…

  • For a fist time buyer, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the number of brands and the different kinds of toilet units.
  • Moreover, toilets hold different types of flush mechanisms that offer different levels of water consumption, not forgetting performance.

When it comes down to selecting the best toilets, there are plenty of options; manufacturers now focus on creating toilet units that are more compact but still provide seat space and comfort.

When these elements are fused, you, as a consumer, will get a toilet unit that isn’t only stylish but one that is practical.


So, What Do You Look For In A Reliable Toilet?

As you search for a reliable toilet, you must first understand the basics of how each part of the toilet unit will contribute to a pleasant experience. To make your research simple, I summed up the things you should be wary of down below…

Comfort: This should be a priority when shopping for a toilet unit. Remember, this is an item that you will be using for decades and perhaps every day. With this in mind, you should get a comfortable unit.

Durable: This is also important as you will be using the toilet for years to come. Get a unit made from top-notch materials. It’s finishing should be stellar too, since these two components play a huge role in making the toilet unit remain both durable and sturdy.

Cleanliness: Having a toilet unit that leaves the bowl clean after a single flush is paramount. Fortunately, there are plenty of toilet brands that have incorporated science and technology to ensure that their toilets remain clean after use and eradicate germs.

Certain loos will ensure that water flows directly into the bowl, while others have holes pushed into the rims allowing water to pump through for effective washing. Some brands have incorporated both mechanisms.

Toilet Seat: Before you start looking into different toilet seats, ensure that you’re well rest and not exhausted. A toilet seat is a critical element when looking for a loo; some distributors sell these things separate from the entire toilet unit.

You should select whether you want a soft close, standard, or heated toilet seat. When you put this into consideration, you will enhance the bathroom experience.

Environmental Conscious: The toilet units being manufactured today are mostly being designed to impact the environment positively. The featured mechanism has been developed to consume only the necessary thing while it’s in flush mode.


What Are Good Toilet Brands?

According to Wikipedia, a toilet is a hardware unit installed in the home or in commercial/public places to collect and dispose of human waste.

In essence, toilets take up the role of sanitation facilities that help get rid of any stench and curb any spread of disease that would result from stagnant human waste. Toilets are created differently where some have flushing water others are considered as dry toilet units.

Toilet units are created differently; some are made to be used in the squatting position, while others are made to allow users to assume a seating position while using them. Most urban areas use flush toilets connected to a sewer system, while those in isolated areas are connected to septic tanks.

Dry toilets (outhouse) are mostly connected to storage and treatment devices such as the composting chamber, pit, or removable containers.

After this thoughtful explanation, I decided to educate myself more about this critical unit in our homes that we think little about. So before we delve deeper into different kinds of toilets, let’s learn some history…


The Making Of The Flush Toilet

Back in the 16th century, precisely the year 1596, Sir Joh Harington, who was not only the Queen’s godson but an English courtier, invented the first modern flushable toilet for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I.

The toilet unit consisted of a two-foot-deep oval bowl, that was waterproofed with resin, wax, and pitch. The toilet received the water from an upstairs cistern. Fast-forward to the 18th century, (1775), another English inventor by the name Alexander Cumming was issued with the first patent for what was then a flush toilet.

Mr. Cumming invented an S-shaped pipe installed beneath the bowl, which used water to form a seal that ensured sewer gas didn’t pass through the toilet.

In the 19th century, Thomas Crapper, a London based plumbing impresario, developed one of the most extensively used lines of flush toilets. His invention of the ballcock is a flushing mechanism marvel that is still in use today.


Stupid Facts About Toilets

Every human being alive uses a toilet, whether directly or indirectly. Below, we go through several facts that may sound stupid, but you will be glad you read about them, they include…

  • The average individual spends a total of three years of their life sitting on a toilet.
  • A majority of toilets flush in the E-flat musical key
  • The first cubicle in a row of toilets is the least used making it the cleanest of all
  • At a posh party in Paris, the year 1739 was the first time there were separate male and female toilets
  • November 19 is the day observed as ‘World Toilet Day’ annually. The day is used to spread the need for proper sanitation for every human being
  • There more mobile phones than toilets in the world
  • There is a luxurious toilet made from 24-carat gold placed in the Hall of Gold in Hong Kong
  • The life expectancy of a toilet is 15 years
  • In ancient Rome, there was a sewer goddess, a toilet god, and a good of excrement


What’s The Number of Flush Toilets In The World Today?

About 40% of the world’s population has access to a flush toilet. That means there are approximately 2.8 billion people that can access a flushable toilet. It’s approximated that there are 1.4 billion toilets in the world, which would mean we need to do more to improve sanitation.

The World health organization places around 830,000 people as of data collected in 2017 in low and middle-income countries succumbed to death due to inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene annually. Poor sanitation is linked to more than 80% of these deaths.


Are There Different Kinds of Toilets?

Since their first use, toilets have evolved to match human demands and use over the years. People throughout the ages crafted toilets to suit their needs, the different kinds of toilets varied from one place to the next.

Below, we go through different types of toilets that come with two kinds of holes, an inlet connecting to a flushing line and the outlet that connects to the drainage.

Water Efficient Toilet: this toilet unit has been designed to help save water through the flushing mechanism. It’s toilet bowl, and the trap has been designed in ways that it pushes waste (both liquid and solid) with less water. The newer toilet units have been designed to use 0.58 US gallons per flush.

The water savings in this unit are tremendous as the size of the drain size is reduced, and the curvier design helps increase the vacuum where water flows through, thus helping push down the waste with a single flush!

WC Health: the toilet unit is produced by a Turkish company known as Guralvit. Its design features a combined water closet comfort and squatting pan unit. The WC is a one-piece squatting water closet that is gaining popularity across the middle east and other Muslim practicing countries.

EWC: a toilet unit that comes with a seat and a cover. When you flush, you need to close the lid, for western-style toilets, they come custom fit with a flush tank for flushing after usage. The flush tank can be either ceramic or plastic.

In its design, the minimal amount of water gets trapped in the toilet through a water seal, mostly, the seal height is 50MM. The standard water closet is made as an open rim since the flushing tanks are placed in a high position to ensure the flushing system is effective.

S or P Trap Water Closet: When looking to install a new toilet, you should factor in the trap design. In most instances, the S tarp is common in ground floor installations since the piping is done beneath the ground level.

The P trap is usually installed on top floors since the pipeline installation underneath the toilet is generally tricky.

Floor Mount Water Closet: When the toilet gets installed on the floor, a floor fixing hole is typical for these kinds of toilets. Wall hung toilets are fixed on the wall through setting a hole in the toilet. The wall mount model comes with a P trap making it easy for top floor installations.

Seat covers used in water closet toilets fall under two categories soft close and hard close. When the seat cover falls with a hard sound, it’s classified as a closet seat cover. When it falls without making any noise, it’s classified as a soft close seat cover.

Two-piece Toilet: A two-piece toilet unit consists of a bowl and a ceramic tank. The pieces are fixed in place using bolts; these units are also known as coupled closet thanks to their design. The toilet units are available in S & P trap, wall, and floor mount models.


How Many Kinds of Toilets Are There?

There are over 1000 toilet brands in the world today, however, of all the manufacturers and distributors, there are a few most popular toilet brands that are known for their quality and durable toilet designs.

Three of the most prevalent toilet brands used across the planet include:

  • American Standard
  • Kohler
  • Saniflo
  • Toto

When searching for toilets, you will be spoilt for choice due to the different types of toilets you will come across. In most instances, some of these brands have a specific target audience, while a majority of them have been created for the mass market.

You have the option of selecting between one-piece or two-piece toilet units. Both kinds have their advantages and disadvantages, most of the goodness, as well as the issues, stem from the design and the space the toilet unit will be installed.

There are portable toilet units that are worth considering if you are thinking of installing a loo either in an RV or make it part of your camping installation.


Different Kinds of Toilet Bowls

Most leading toilets for the house consist of either two kinds of toilet bowls, which are either round or elongated. However, recently, square bowls are also being installed in the central toilet units’ residential properties.

Most users give different reasons why they love one type of bowl over the other. Some suggest that round toilet bowls are perfect for saving space, while others swear that elongated toilet bowls are more comfortable.

Before choosing a toilet unit, you must go through what the materials are used to make the bowl, consider if they feature anti-bacterial finishes that keep the bowl hygienic.


Different Kinds of Flushing Systems

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have better flushing options that now improve both performance and effectiveness to the maximum and promote minimal water consumption. Today, we have numerous kinds of flushing systems where each comes with its pros and cons. Allow me to take you through the most common flushing systems in use today…

Tankless: Similar in design to a tanked-toilet, this toilet doesn’t come with a fill-up tank; it instead relies on power-flush technology to push away the waste.

Dual Flush: You have to choose between an average flush and a powerful one, in most instances, the two buttons are set-up on top of the tank. The minimal flush has been designed to flush off the liquid while the other gets rid of the solid waste.


Price Points

The money you spend purchasing the new toilet unit is predicated on the kind of flushing you opt for, the brand of the unit, the design, not forgetting the durability of the loo, among other unique features that add more value to the toilet unit.

As it is, you can choose to go with brands that are low budget, which usually ranges from $100 to $300, or you can opt for the mid-tier units that range from $300 to $800.

If you decide to purchase the top tier toilet units, you will have to spend $1,000s for their advance, powerful, technology-filled toilet units that also look elegant.


Reliable Toilet Brands

The best authentic toilet brands are custom fit with exceptional flushing mechanisms. Although they can’t be 100% clog-free, most users suggest that toilet brands such as Kohler, Toto, and American Standard perform at a high level even when used by multiple people every day.

These toilet brands have proven to be effective, efficient, and are made in stylish designs. They have been developed to help users deal with their bowel movements quickly and easily without clogging up or breaking down.

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