About me

Hi! My name is Jason. 🙂

A few years ago I wanted to renovate my house, especially the bathrooms. I thought that selecting a toilet unit would be the least of my worries. Boy was I wrong. I found myself so overwhelmed by the number of brands and the different kinds of toilet units. So, I started to research, looking through the internet, forums, also visiting the stores, asking all kinds of questions. This thorough research took me almost three weeks. I wanted to have the best value for my money.

After those three weeks of researching, I was finally able to decide on the best toilets for my two bathrooms. And I must say, I was very happy with the result.
After a while, my friend wanted to remodel his bathroom, so he asked me about my “adventure”, as I call it now. I was happy to help, of course, because after all this research, I could share my experience and what I learned.

That`s how I came about this idea. I was happy to help my friends and relatives, cos I get to know the toilet manufacturers and models. Hence the name Toiletopedia.
On these pages, I share all the information, the pros and cons of toilet models, different types of flush mechanisms, and a lot more.
I hope that this site will help you decide what to buy and install in your bathroom.